What You Need to Know About David Servant


Raised in the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is David Servant. David did not fully believe in Jesus Christ although he was confirmed at the age 12. David continued this way until  his high school life. He even laughed at his high school aptitude test which revealed that he was good in ministry and entertainment. David’s goal was simply to have a log cabin in the woods of Canada and live his whole life there. While doing his spiritual searching in his sophomore year, David started reading the New Testament and this has changed his view about things. He then started to get involved in the Young Life youth ministry and has also graduated from the Upper St. Clair High School in 1976.

God showed that he has a different plan for him and didn’t want him to run away from the world. The role of David Servant is to help in building God’s kingdom. Getting his first call to ministry is what David got during his first year in Penn State. It was David that accepted his calling although he was still reluctant at first . Enrolling in Bible School is hat David did right after that.

It was when David graduated in college that he started his first church together with his wife Becky. It is this church  that was started in David’s hometown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is now 38 years that David and Becky have been married and they have three grown and married children with seven grandchildren. It was over the years of David and Becky’s marriage that they have pioneered ands pastored three churches. These three churches were missions oriented. David is the one that traveled often to teach in various pastors conference. Since David is traveling internationally that it helped him make a lot of ministry friends. It was in developing nations where David has done this.

It is David that has been doing his vocational ministry for 38 years and still going. He has been very active as a pastor and an international teacher. David’s ministering has reached over 50 nations in the world. His is also an author of eight different books. A 500-page ministerial training manual is one of David’s books. Click here to learn more about David Servant and his teaching.

Translated in 22 different languages is the book entitled The Disciple-Making Minister. This book has also been pantries over 100,000 times and has been distributed in various parts of the world. It is in serving the least where David’s minority known as the Heaven’s Family is focusing. It is present in 30 different nations. The ministry has been active in providing the needs of orphans, widows, the hungry, the thirsty, the handicapped, prisoners, refugees, victims of natural disasters, and this suffering critical medical needs.

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